Welcome To The International Institute Of Martial Arts

Jeff Brown began his martial arts training at the age of 10 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada at Green's Wado Ryu Karate. At the age of 16, he began teaching martial arts for YMCA America's Youth Karate as an assistant. From there he began training and teaching at the Sun School of Martial Arts in Escondido.

At this time he became a Sensei. 
Sensei Jeff Brown founded The International Institute of Martial Arts in 1992 at the age of 20, with a small class in the Sports Palace (now, a church) in Escondido. This class grew from 20 students to over 100 students in just six months. The large class size forced Sensei Brown to relocate to a space on Valley Pkwy. in Escondido.

During this time the logo was created by a photography student who captured a shot of Sensei Brown's sidekick in the air. The original logo was a green globe with the side kick silhouette in the center. In 1997, The International Institute of Martial Arts had outgrown the Valley Pkwy. space and moved to 1894 W. El Norte Pkwy., Escondido . The logo became red/black and the addition of "tradition of champions" transpired. IIMA added a Black Belt Club, a Tournament Team and a Parent Association.

Sensei married Michelle Mourek in 1998 and they opened the Educational Edge tutoring center next door to the karate training center. The two worked hand-in-hand. Sensei Jeff Brown was inducted into three Martial Arts Hall of Fame organizations for his outstanding teaching ability and after school program initiatives. 
He holds eight World Titles and was featured on ESPN two years in a row. IIMA continued to grow with an increasing number of classes, instructors and students. The number of students doubled in just three months. By 2002, The International Institute of Martial Arts had outgrown its facility once again. IIMA moved to 456 E. Mission Rd., its current headquarters.

This facility consists of 2 Swain matted training rooms (2500 square feet each), 1 hard wood floor room, 1 room with gymnastics flooring, and one room with cardio, free weight and circuit weight equipment. Total square footage of the headquarters is 12,000 square feet. Sensei Brown became Shihan Brown in 2011 and the first bloodline Black Belts were awarded.

IIMA is now home to hundreds of World Champion Title holders. The students train with the best team of instructors, and become the best martial arts practitioners. International Institute of Martial Arts now has locations in San Marcos, Valley Center, Rancho Bernardo and Temecula.

Classes are offered for ages 3 to adult in the arts of Wado Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, JiuJitsu, American Freestyle Kickboxing, and Gojo Ryu.